The Bible records and the science view before and now

As the understanding of the people in the past is different so there are also some differences in the faith. In the past, science was not much yet developed. It is in the stage where scientists are still discovering what is the world and what is beyond this earth. As science does not yet exist so people have created their own beliefs and interpretation. Even the great scientist which is Galileo Galilei was put into court to denounce his theory that the earth revolves around the sun.

He was to choose if he wants to live or not. If he will denounce the truth, he will live. But even if he was forced by the Roman Catholic Inquisition, he still believes what is the truth. Now, we all know that Galileo is right but because of lack of knowledge before that, he was just judged. There are many theories that were believed by many people but the truth slowly was revealed as science develops. Now we also know that the earth is round and not flat. Your way for your home to be designed well is here. Click this decorating company’s website right here A professional decorating that is enough to make your home best.

In the infographic, you can see some of the descriptions of the world as written in the Bible. It was until time passes that each of the truth was revealed. We can know that the earth is just hanging in the space as was written in the book of Job. There are more records in the bible that was proven only after many centuries. They are the contradiction of the faith and belief of people before.