Ernest Holmes

The religious science was started by the founder Ernest Holmes who is a minister as was written in his description. When he started religious science, it was not the original intent to let it be a church but only as an institution that focuses on teaching. That is why those who had followed through had named their churches as centers before it changed. The founder has had some people who influenced him in formulating his thoughts that have formed the church doctrines or belief.

Some of those persons are Phineas Quimby, Emma Curtis Hopkins, Thomas Troward and also Ralph Waldo Emerson. These various people have their own thoughts that they had put into writing. Those writings became the foundation of the church. The founder published his own book entitled┬áThe Science Of Mind. This book has the references to the work of Christ, the Bible and also unexpectedly the Buddha. The book was published in the year 1926. Holmes first established the “Institute for Religious Science and School of Philosophy in Los Angeles”.

This then later became the church. He has already formulated his thoughts before he died and he already had published two books that people who like to follow him could read. He called it New Thought that was made into a book also. He believes that it is the key that would help the world to have peace which is one of the most desirable by people. At his time, there are celebrities who follow his way of thought that includes Peggy Lee, Cecil B. DeMille, Cary Grant.