Religious Science Beliefs

The beliefs of those who are in the religious science are what the founder believes in. He has published a credo and stated what is his beliefs. Based on that, his followers also have their own belief revolving around that. They believe in God that is also described as almighty. He is absolute and so it could not be destroyed. He let his presence known in all creation but not all of it has accepted him. What contains God is the universe and it is also the one that proves his existence where we could know him.

The belief of heaven exists but it is different as it is believed that it is within us. We can experience what is heaven with limitation. The soul is immortal and it would continue forever. It is the one that is the individual spirit that was separated by the one spirit. When it comes to life, the ultimate goal is to have the freedom from the problems that come from every kind. This freedom can be achieved by anyone. The God that we know is only one Go and that we can find him everywhere even inside yourself.

One can feel if the presence is within him or her. And if that relationship is maintained and a close contact could be attained, that person could be the tool. That person could be the one to be used to reveal any truth that comes from God. If you have the mind and use its power, you can be able to heal yourself of sickness though getting treatment to doctors is not forbidden.